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A Storyline or Plot Patent application seeks to claim a new and nonobvious fictional plot or storyline.  Knight and Associates is the first patent prosecution firm to attempt to obtain patent protection (U.S. patents) on a fictional plot or storyline, as may be incorporated in a movie, motion picture, book, novel, novella, short story, television show, play, commercial, advertisement, or any other fictional account.  Storyline patents may include movie patents, motion picture patents, book patents, novel patents, entertainment patents, fiction patents, and so forth.

Legal Notice

Nothing in this website is to be deemed legal advice.  This website is an advertisement intending to promote services of a Registered Patent Agent, including patent application drafting and prosecution, and counseling in patent application drafting and prosecution.  Specifically, this website promotes services related to “storyline” or “plot” patents, which have not, to the author’s knowledge, been explicitly approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or any court of competent jurisdiction.  Rather, the author believes that such subject matter is within the scope of 35 U.S.C. §101, as interpreted by binding precedent.  While the author articulates reasons that such subject matter may ultimately be deemed statutory subject matter, the author warns that all patent applications resulting from services offered herein may be rejected as non-statutory.


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